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Tea Party Action Alliance Welcomes Restoring Patriotism!

We welcome Restoring Patriotism, based in Santa Clarita and voted in last night, to the Alliance.  Founders are Linda Paine and Nancy Tujetsch. Linda and Nancy are the founder of Santa Clarita Valley Patriots. Linda is head of The Election Integrity Project, a nonpartisan group fighting voter fraud.

Tea Party Action Alliance is a loose affiliation of area Tea Parties, now consisting of:

- Ventura County Tea Party

- Conejo Valley Tea Party

- Simi Valley/Moorpark Tea Party

- Santa Clarita Valley Patriots

- Restoring Patriotism


TPAA is designed to coordinate policy, actions and share resources for issues and projects of common interest. It works with some non-Tea Party organizations.  It handles no funds and has no budget, as all activities are supported by members organizations or individuals.

Founded in May, 2011, the group has focused on programs such as: 

-  Opposing Agenda 21/Sustainabily initiatives, which are unsustainable as envisioned

-  Election Integrity

-  Elections, supporting candidates/officials/legislation which uphold Tea Party values


Our original first public meeting in 2011:

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